Fiona Reed staff members

Welcome to Fiona Reed Associates

Fiona Reed Associates has a team of highly skilled and experienced associates with expertise in facilitation, research, team diagnostics, evaluation, team and leadership development, the running of assessment and development centres and coaching.

As a group we are well placed to help both individuals and organisations to bring about the changes they need to fulfil potential and reach out for new standards of excellence.

We work in the public sector in health and higher education, the business sector – in retail and banking – for government, charities, and with individuals. We tend to stay with organisations for the long term – over 10 years in some cases.

We are proud of our extensive experience – all of our associates have over 20 years professional experience.

All our projects are overseen by Fiona Reed as contract manager who works closely with commissioners, stakeholders and the associate delivery team to ensure projects are joined up and client needs met.

Angela Hartland, our FRA administrator, ensures that projects are delivered efficiently and that all communication is clear, specific and comprehensive.

When you get Fiona or one of her associates you get:

  • Accountability – we do what we say we will.
  • Quality – we work to the highest standards.
  • Transparency – we are clear about what we’re doing and, while holding appropriate confidentiality, we account for ourselves to our clients.
  • Drive for improvement– we evaluate and scrutinise what we do in order to continuously improve.
  • Partnership – we ‘co-create’ work with our clients to ensure client needs are met.
  • Value for money – our clients consider that we provide consistent value – 100% of our work, over the past few years, has come from recommendation or repeat commission. All our current clients have commissioned us to do more work after an initial project.


Some of our recent projects:


  • The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute (THIS), University of Cambridge – continued facilitation of leadership development for three cohorts of Post-Doctoral Fellowships – 2022-2026
  • Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Senior Medical Leaders’ Development Programme – a programme of face to face and virtual action learning
  • University College Hospitals London – ‘Strengthening our Board’ Board Development
  • The Christie NHS Foundation Trust – Psycho-Oncology Team Development Day
  • Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust – Developing facilitation skills – a 3-day programme of face to face and virtual workshops
  • Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust – A programme working with 30 senior leaders and up to 250 staff on ‘Leading by Example’
  • North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust – Board Development
  • Derbyshire South Dales Primary Care Network – Facilitated events to support GP practice leaders
  • Phoenix Housing Support – Away day for leaders


What people have said about us working virtually:

Dr Sarah Holmes, Medical Director Marie Curie
‘Just wanted to say a personal thank you to you for your facilitation of our Virtual Action Learning (VAL) group. I have found the sessions so helpful, regardless of the energy (or not) that I feel I have at the start of the session, and really value your calm, thoughtful, insightful facilitation, so thank you.’  

Nicola Boydell The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute (THIS), Cambridge, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Edinburgh University
‘I was so surprised by how much my energy lifted. I valued your inclusive and engaging approach. Our virtual session was the highlight of my week.’   

Liz Curry, Interim Head of Data Compliance, Marie Curie
‘Thanks so much for your expert facilitation of the workshop today.  I think you managed to steer us through the rocks and shoals of sharks brilliantly.’

Georgia Black, The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute (THIS), Cambridge, Postdoctoral Fellow & Principal Research Fellow, University College London
‘Fiona and her team have really been there for me and the other fellows during the pandemic. At a time when we were all so unsure how to proceed, Fiona gave us space and tools to consider how to tackle uncertainty. I’ve felt totally supported throughout this difficult time, and it’s made a huge difference to my work and wellbeing. Somehow she manages to convey genuine warmth over Zoom and makes it look easy – but I know it must be a lot of work. Every time we have a session together, I come away feeling that yes, work is hard, but that I can do hard things.’